Kingdom Hospital/Riget Crossovers
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Honey falls asleep in the coffee area. When she awakens she is in strange surroundings. Why have the Holby ED been asked to shadow the staff of Kingdom Hospital, Maine? Will Max lose Zoe's love to the handsome but quirky Dr Hook? Will Connie be a match for the arrogant and corrupt Dr Stegman? And will Paul Morlock send in the clowns for Lofty?
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Mariella awakens in the Territories to find herself faced with her past: Jack Sawyer. When she meets Paul Morlock's Twinner, she is faced yet again with the choice between the Tower and her only love. Sequel to Opopanax Road.
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Becca is in the psyche ward at the Kingdom, and something evil follows her. Paul's interest is piqued when he learns about Becca's troubled history. Adding category on account of the new "crossover" option.
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