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The story of the Peerless Princesses begins anew. They begin their paths which will lead them to the formation of kingdoms and glory. But they do not walk the path alone. Messengers of Heaven descend on the land. Unsure of their purpose, wary of those around them, they walk on their own path of divine conquest. They are the Armored War Gods.
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Gaara meurt durant l'extraction du Bijuu. Ce que l'on ne sait pas, c'est qu'il fera la rencontre de l'armée volontaire, apprendra à vivre comme elle, et rapportera une aide miraculeuse pour la guerre contre Madara. Huit guerrières mortes depuis des siècles débarquent dans Naruto, et c'est bien leur folie qui va l'emporter!
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Kazuto Hongou has Successfully united China under his own. When he was just about to Expand territory. He is summoned by Louise who desperately need to prove her own. Will both of them will be a good Familiar and Master or Is there will be something more. Smart Kazuto! Harem Kazuto! Strong Kazuto!
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