Legend of Zelda and Game X-overs Crossovers
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Legend of Zelda and Robotrek crossover. Here Link is the son of the famous inventor of Dr. Akihabara. What starts out with him moving to Clock Town ends up with him having to find the time shift stone before the Gerudo do. Will he succeed and will he find out more about his ancestor and his past than he bargained for? Not a good summary I know please read. Rated T just to be safe.
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Sorry I changed the name, It's just that it's in her perspective you'll understand later plus It's part of a collection I'm making. It is a long story just be patient and read thank you for looking at this! I don't own L.O.Z, Pokemon, or any other frachise mentioned in here. AND LILITH IS NOT FROM SUPERNATURAL! RATING MAY CHANGE BECAUSE M IS FOR MURDER... MWAHAHA
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this story from my dreams is about the legend of zelda world
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Ashley Brandt is a twelve year old girl who has been thrown into the Ninten Dimension. My Beginning is a not-so-much novelization of the journey she and Link face to become the Heroes of Time. Book 1 of the series. *In editing process for e-book
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