Legend of Zelda and Kirby Crossovers
Legend Of Zelda: Constellation Road by Tiger Of Darkness reviews
After Ganondorf breaks into Zelda's library to looks at book of constellations 200 years ago, Link goes to Popstar to ask Kirby to ask if he knows anything. Kirby tells him its a map to the creation of the universe. But what they don't know is someone leaked this info to Ganondorf and is trying to lure them all to the Constellation Road.
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When a bunch of your favorite Nintendo characters go to high school things can get weird. Join Link,Meta knight, Fox Mcloud, Yoshi, and a bunch of other Nintendo characters as they try and survive highschool. T for some things kids may not handle well. Also Accepting Oc's read to get more information.
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Elenast and Marissa wake up in world completely different from their own. They must team up with the local heroes to get home, and just might become best friends along the way. Our first story, please enjoy!
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Realm of Despair by The Logical Trainwreck reviews
After vanquishing the evil spirit that manifested as Majora's Mask, Link returned to Hyrule, only to learn that a darkness unlike any he's ever faced has descended upon the majestic land he called home. Now he is the only one who can defeat this evil! Will he succeed, or will hatred and evil drown the land of Hyrule? Rated T for violence and dark themes.
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the discription
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