Legend of Zelda and Yu Yu Hakusho Crossovers
The Origami Prince by Servant of Fire reviews
AU Follows "Legend of Drowning Girl". In the middle of Yusuke's resurrection test, Koenma announces a special rule change when the origami statue of Prince Link is brought to the Underworld. Link the Hero of Time, sacrificed his soul to save his friend from an evil goddess. If Yusuke restores Link's soul, he can finally resurrect. Who Link would have been, changes Yusuke forever.
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When Darkness Turns to Light by ValkyriaAusekla reviews
A princess from Hyrule and a Fire Abrasion demon cross paths. To prove herself worthy, the Hylian princess must assist the Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi and his friends, to gain the trust. Just what might await Princess Azaleah and Hiei in the future?
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Four Swords Interaction: High School Chaos by Asuki2Hiroshi reviews
When Rinku Midori stumbles across his freshman year at Castle Town High School, Shinigami heroes, same-first-named quadruplets, hybrid demons and angels and their dramas make him enter a whole new world of perhaps an unavoidable hell.
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