Legend of Zelda and Tales of Symphonia Crossovers
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Lloyd finds himself in a strange new world. He discovers that he had taken the place of the local hero. But he didn't do anything, all he did was wake up in a tub. And now, all hope is suddenly put on him. Can he find the true hero, save the princess and this strange new world called Hyrule? (probably on hold until my other story is finished).
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Two years after the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla were reunited, the Heroes of Regeneration awaken in a world not their own, with no memory of how they got there. Just what awaits Lloyd and company in the vast wilds of Hyrule? And where has Link gotten to?
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This is the story of Zelos waking up in Link (Named Zelos in this universe for convenience) and going on a journey to save the world he woke up in. This is, in spirit, inspired by the somewhat popular Legend of Kratos. Don't worry, this isn't just a rip of someone else's work. Just the premise.
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When Link tries to travel to the Twilight not for reasons you think, our tight-wearing hero finds himself stuck in a strange world where chosens hit on ninjas, ten year olds try to kill rich businessmen, and their goddess is the sister of a gay fairy man!
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Aellai's parents were murdered, trying to protect her. Hylia's soul was devoured by Demise, and with the last of her power sent a plea to Aellai, begging her to help. " 'The Hero has failed. He is unworthy to become the chosen one now. Farewell, Aellai, and may the souls of your parents guide you to victory.' " AU
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In the land of Hyrule the cast of Tales of Symphonia are really the Chosen Of Time. When Link plays the Song of Time backwards it reverses time and they have to gain the Master Sword and save the Sages once more this time, however, Link has help.
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