Legend of Zelda and Teen Titans Crossovers
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When Raven finds an old antique mirror in one of Jump City's shops with a shadowy figure trapped in it, she is thrown into a world she knows little about, given a power she never knew existed, and has to question the sanity of certain Goddesses and their decisions... (I SHIP Shadow Link and Raven! *Cheers*) Rated T for safety. Starts out slow but gets better as you read.
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Janet, a 17 year old girl who has no memory of the time she had before she was 12, was raised by Slade to do evil. She blindly accepted it until she met the Teen Titans, who accepted her pure heart that she had tried to hide it for Slade. Now, Janet and the Titans have to work together to stop Slade, while Janet learns the truth about her past
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B?east boy and Minda meet up on the street. what happens nesxct weill surprise...
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I don't ship this couple together but since my friend does and I'm and awesome person I helped her write this. Her mom took her account away but she does write on wattpad. Couple shipped by Bri Bri and helped written by her. It's Vaati and Raven as a main couple along with Beast boy and Rosie. Beast boy and Starfire in the beginning but it changes to Beast boy and Rosie
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Starfire experiences strange visions, so she goes to Lanayru for guidance. While there, she hears of three stories from the past. A story of beginnings of Majora's sinister plot; the story of the original Spirit Guardian; and the story of the 'original' Teen Titans and how they fought against Majora. Perhaps Starfire will learn more about Link from these stories; and about herself.
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The Titans meet a new girl, Scarlette, while she tries to steal from a grocery store. After catching her though they find out she's not all that bad and decide to let her stay, much to Robin's disapproval. Her power to create any weapon from nothing may prove useful, especially since Majora has recently struck a deal with a very powerful villain. LinkxStarfire, RobinxScarlette
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a new evil rises in an unknown terretory and the titans look for help from the legendary hero of time.
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The Titans meet a new friend named Ian, who has trouble with his dark powers. The others convince Raven to help him, and the two end up becoming close. Elsewhere, Link and Robin get into an argument and Link ends up leaving. Starfire follows after him, and eventually the two of them journey to a ravaged island, and accidentally unleash an ancient evil; and things get even worse.
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A crossover with pairings of RobinxLink,RavenxZelda,SladexTrigon,BeastboyxStarfire,Cyborg x Blackfire. Contains guy/guy and girl/girl.
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During a date with Link, Starfire ends up getting kidnapped by Slade. He intends to use her power in an attempt to gain ultimate power: the Triforce. Even after obtaining the Master Sword, Link is unable to defeat Slade, who reveals a very dark secret. After escaping, Link and Starfire go to Tamaran in an attempt to find help, and discover that there is another sacred sword.
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Okay so originally an old friend did this first but messed it all up so I'm doing my version. I brought alot of his stuff so if you read the first one then youd know where he messed up at. Anyway all the triforce bearers known to hyrule have been merged into the ulitmate versions of themselves and have been preserved throughout time. Follow Link as he awakens in a new time and lan
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Link has returned after three years, and is now a Teen Titan. As he adjusts to life at Titans Tower, he and Starfire become very close. Unfortunately, Link finds out that she's already taken, which breaks his heart, and unleashes a much more... sinister side of the hero...
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Link had lived in Lanayru Village for 13 years. But one day, a masked villain comes and kills his mentor. After he is saved by Lanayru, Link sets off on a journey and makes his way to Jump City, where he meets the future members of the Teen Titans. Afterwards, Link sets off on another adventure to gather the shards of the Spirit Key; a journey that will take him three years.
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After being defeated by Ganon, Vaati winds up in Jump City, most of his powers gone. The Teen Titans take him in, and Vaati finds a kindred spirit in Raven. But someone has followed Vaati to this world: the Nightmare Dethl. Can it be stopped? RaeVaati R&R
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When a strange creature pulls Beast Boy into the land of Hyrule, he will have to fight to not only save this new land, but his friends as well. Thanks to those who have reviewed and bookmarked this story. Chapters 3-5 should be up by the end of March.
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