Lilo & Stitch and American Dragon: Jake Long Crossovers
Lilo & Stitch: Strength to Believe part 1 by Chronicleman251 reviews
Lilo, Stitch, and their Ohana has been living peacefully on the island of Kawaii. But danger lurks ahead of them. Dr. Hämsterviel and the Leroy clones has escaped. And this time, they're not alone. Along with the experiments, can Lilo and Stitch defeat Hamsterviel once and for all? Or is this the end for our heroes?
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Retrieval Saga: Dragon's Temptation by Cydra reviews
The power of dragons have been spoken widely throughout the world. But to those unfamliar with its true power, it can be quite corruptive, as the gang will surely find out. Crossover with American Dragon: Jake Long.
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Xover with AD:JL. A mysterious gem has been discovered with a power that will give the Dark Dragon the power to rule over mankind. As our heroes guard the stone, Matt will discover something even more dark and mysterious about his past.
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Alien Ohana Extensions:Alien Dragon Draco Pelekai by Cydra reviews
AD:JL crossover The Pelekai family accompany Jake Long and his posse to the Isle of Draco so Draco can get his dragon license. But the Dark Dragon has plans for the 'Dragon form the Stars.' 3rd story in Alien Ohana Extension series.
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