Lord of the Rings and Sherlock Crossovers
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Featuring „War of change" by Thousand Foot Krutch in a later chapter. Rated T for moderate violence (not too much, promise) Story: Faramir and Eowyn are policemen in Afghanistan (AU!) When Faramir is on a drugs bust, he gets shot. Eowyn has been following him ans tries to deal with the whole situation. Set before "A study in Rohan-green". John Watson will come too, but later.
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What happens if I kidnap Bilbo, Frodo, The Doctor #10, The Doctor #11, Peeta, Katniss, Sherlock, John, Harry and Ginny, then lock them in a room and have a bit of fun. There will be Character death, AUness, and a very fishy resemblance between a certain Hobbit and a certain blogger. Doctor Who/Sherlock/Harry Potter/LOTR/Hobbit/Hunger Games crossover
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Just some random ideas. My sick imagination. Forgive me if anything offends you. This was not made to offend anyone. PEACE! :D
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CumberSmaug, the beloved ex-dragon consulting detective, seeks out his hobbit doctor friend BilboJohn to help him solve a critical, yet long-overlooked mystery in the Shire. Was it accidental, or the Shire's first case of murder? This reunion of friends and onetime enemies unleashes events that will shape the destiny of Middle-earth... Sherlock/Smaug and Bilbo/John. No slash.
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'Between breath and breath Sílafinn could have taken his knife and stuck it in Mídalath's eye for his sloth and idleness, that he'd drag him away when something of interest was at last all but thrown in their path.' Why read men's hearts, when you can read their whole lives instead?
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