Lord of the Rings and Fate/stay night Crossovers
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Tercera parte del rey justo. El regreso de Arturia a la tierra media promete grandes cambios, la comunidad enfrenta la presencia noble de un rey... el rey de los caballeros
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Darkness reigns over Middle-Earth, the Fellowship has failed and the Ring of Power fell into the accursed hands of Sauran. Fate/Zero Lord of the Rings crossover- if you have read one or watched the other (even if not both) then you'll have all the information you need.
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There are echoes of a different origin that ring across this world. Their myths and legends have always and only been myth and legend, and never before have their feet trod upon the soil of the world. But they are heroes. And so, they too shall be summoned in this War of Heroes, this Holy Grail War.
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I am Arturia, servant of the 4th Grail War, and I curse you, Kiritsuguru Emiya for forcing me to destroy the Grail! Your seals boosted my power so that I completely purged the grail, my last chance of saving her people. It also smashed me into this… strange, and very dangerous place. A place like the Britain of old and yet, completely different. It's called, Middle Earth.
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Continuacion de "El rey justo" ahora sin Saber. Vamos a seguir la aventura a manos de Emiya Kiritsugu, antes asesino de magos al cual se le había dado la oportunidad de regresar, a este se le dio una misión, que de manera calculadora lo cumplirá, su mejor arma es ver a futuro y como Gandalf, el tambien planea una reconquista... Moria. Acompañado de otro espíritu renacido.
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When Sauron awoke, its evilness spread to every corner of Middle Earth, but unkown to him, his power drew another power as evil as he was, the evil known as the Corrupted Holy Grail. So a new power came into play. What would it bring? Destruction or salvation?
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Crack. The FSN cast interprets the LotR story.
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