Lucifer and Good Omens Crossovers
Story of Hope Fell 2: Devil in the City of Angeles by dragonbreath88 reviews
Hope travels to Los Angeles to track down the Devil. The only problem is, will she survive hunting Satan himself or will she become the prey? Sequel to The Story of Hope Fell.
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An angel and a demon in Los Angeles by Valaena The Historyteller reviews
When president candidate Thaddeus Dowling is murdered and his son goes missing, Chloe and a recently returned Lucifer are ready to get back to action. Meanwhile, Crowley and Aziraphale are running, trying to keep Warlock safe and worrying about a prophecy of Anges Nutter s new book. Amenadiel is keeping secrets... what happened in heaven? Crowley was Raphael before Falling.
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Idiots ineffables by Voracity Karn reviews
Un stupide X-over où Lucifer retrouve son frère Rampa alors qu'il enquête sur un meurtre. Rampa ne veut rien avoir à faire avec son frère/ancien patron, mais Lucifer veut tisser des liens avec son camarade ange déchu. Les combines s'ensuivent. Traduction
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Family by Luinlothana reviews
In every relationship honesty is important. Too bad if it slips your mind to mention to your significant other that the world almost ended recently. In Lucifer's defence as far as he was concerned the whole business with the Antichrist was just a way of ensuring the demons stayed busy and didn't bother him.
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Adam Young has made a dumb mistake while traveling to the US to visit Pepper at Berkeley, and forgotten that LA is seven hours away. Fortunately, his youngest uncle is here to help him out and talk him into meeting up with his biological father in LA. (Yes. Jesus is a character in this story. Not any more religious than any other GO or Lucifer story.)
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