Manhwa/Korean Comics/만화 and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D Crossovers
ID: Issei Hyoudou by KiwiDu reviews
Issei Hyoudou believed that his destiny was to become the owner of the largest harem on Earth! There are hundreds of girls around you, ready to satisfy your lust for days on end... Error. The host's body is not designed for such actions. Issei groaned softly, clutching his head. But there was one small problem on the way to his dream. And its name is System.
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It all began with a hidden tournament. Seung Gyu-Ha, self-taught martial artist, delinquent and high school student, soon learns there is another world out there of Gods, Demons, and Dragons.
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Irregular by SackDantOur reviews
Issei Hyoudou was a normal boy, living a normal life, and then one day a beautiful, not-so-normal, red-haired girl quite literally crashed into his life. Deciding to follow her up the Tower was an impromptu decision, but not necessarily anything new. He'd always been chasing skirts after all; and was pursuing a girl through a multitude of dangerous trials really all that different?
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Gamer DxD: Rise of the Twin Heavens by Zoey Zeffrey reviews
One year ago, I was taken to a world beyond my understanding, to a world of the supernatural. Now, it's been one year since that day, and my life is going to go downhill, and into a world of adventure. Am I prepared for the world, and is the world prepared for me?
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Issei did not expect to die on his date. Neither did he expect to come back as a devil. And most of all, he did not expect to become The Gamer. Nothing happens like we expect does it? This the rewrite of DxD: The Game.
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This is a crossover between Highschool DxD and Tower of God. More information inside or PM me for details
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