Maximum Ride and Soul Eater Crossovers
Paradox Fighters Part 7: The Preview-ening by benji.dordoni reviews
A chapter of the currently in-progress Paradox Fighters, Part 7, released early for your viewing pleasure! In the sweltering streets of Miami, Michael Wilson holds a presidential campaign rally... but Maka and Soul, representatives of the Hunting Guild, are out for blood. Rated T for violence, language, and a half-rate Will Smith impersonator.
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When Maka Albarn first began to see souls, she didn't expect them to literally rain from the sky the very next day. Max, on the other hand, would really appreciate it if the sun would stop laughing at her.
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Soul wings by freewings99 reviews
Crystal escapes from the School and friends Maka. Will her past show it's self to everyone or will they never know? Will the people she started to love learn to except her or will they betray her because of who and what she is?
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Wings of Steel by rearranger reviews
After months of planning and research, Jeb finally figured how Max could save the world. It was a full-proof plan, if Max could only cooperate. When the gang meets Max's broken flock, what will they think of them. Will they be willing to help Max save the world? Is Itex creating more hybrids, more powerful hybrids? Possibly even Kishins? MaxXDTK
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What Happens When Lord Death Sends Maka And The Gang To A Small Town To Investigate Weird Magical Activity. Fun, Goofiness, And A TON Of Fairies. And Who Is This Girl That Knows All About Them That They Know Nothing About? Why Does Crona Seem To Know Her? Well Read My Story To Find Out!
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Black Bird Caged by JoshNeku reviews
Kid and Crona are sent to Colorado to investigate a new area that is potentially harmful to humans and even Death Weapons; Kid is without Liz and Patty for safety reasons. When the two set down camp for the night, the School captures them. Hiatus.
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The whitecoats from the School have mixed kishin blood with Eraser blood turning all Erasers into kishins. It's up to the Soul Eater gang and the two flocks, Max's and Fang's, to stop these creatures from hurting anyone
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"It's nice to meet you all. Oh and this is my friend, Misaki." Flare said."Now that your free you'll be forced to chose, freedom or death?" Rated T for language.
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