Mechwarrior/Battletech and RWBY Crossovers
The Tiger of the Periphery by Pobodys Nerfekt reviews
In which Sienna Khan leads the usual suspects as a mercenary mechwarrior company, complete with all the shenanigans that ensue in such a setting. (I really didn't want to clutter the battletech category with one-shots, so I figure I put anything I write into a nice little collection to make life easier)
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In which Blake teaches Ruby a couple of things about close combat and Ruby teaches Blake a thing or two about love. (Ladybug Week 2019 day 5 [there might be a couple of things off lorewise because I don't exactly know everything about battletech but I do know enough to know what I want])
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The year is 3025. An uneasy peace has settled across the Inner Sphere towards the end of the Third Succession War. But Ruby Rose, Mechwarrior and native of Remnant, wants to do more than just survive. And with the help of some friends, a few border conflicts, and a whole lot of luck, she might just become legendary. (RWBY Battletech/Mechwarrior AU) (Currently on hiatus.)
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