Metal Hero Series/メタルヒーローシリーズ Crossovers
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Metal Heroes, those severely overlooked heroes compared to kamen riders and super sentai. Armed with a deck and a quest for justice, Kurogane Reppuu and his friends set out to be the best as they face trials and duels with your favorite characters from the series Yugioh Gx. WARNING: Not to be confused with Kamen Rider GX. Different set with a more unique story. Hope you enjoy.
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After accidentally setting the Dimension Drive, Kurogane Reppuu finds himself in the Marvel Universe, a world parallel to his own. First a 'Guest' of the Agents of SHIELD, then a temporary member of the Avengers, can the Wild Star Knight help to defeat the villainous 'Metal Skull' and his many forces, all while not trying the slap someone?
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Several decades after the events of GP, Kale, the Human-Asgard son of Carrick and Verdanthir, begins to reclaim his father's duel school. Decks set and Field spell set up! Time for talk is over! VARIABLE ON!
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sequel to the first story. profile explains how i choose to rate things and you can now ignore author's note at end of chapter twelve, i am leaving it for the moment but that might change in due time same with the message in chapter thirteen
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In the year AD 2037, the new game Jouchaku Online was about 3 months away from its initial release. However, a series of deaths lead the creator, a man named Kurogane Reppuu to request the help of a group of living legends. Kazuto and the gang are more than willing to help, and dive in to find and solve the mystery of Kaena-Prime, the source of these deaths.
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Language explanations by Rangerfan58
story summary inside. profile explains how i choose to rate stories, though this one is a lower rating then normal stories for me, and i just updated it because i realized i wasn't happy with the original ending so i added to it a little to give the story closure
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Japan has lost a good fighter for justice but gained a new one in return, what fights and surprises are in store for this new person and can they even do the job like the person they are fighting for, is the one they fight for even dead?. profile explains how I choose to rate my stories please tell me if it needs upped at any point. info about part two will come at end of story
Crossover - Transformers/Beast Wars & Metal Hero Series/メタルヒーローシリーズ - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 14 - Words: 27,156 - Updated: 11/4/2015 - Published: 11/2/2015 - Complete
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The Second series in the SAGA of the STAR KNIGHTS! In the distant future, Kai Reppuu, the grandson of Kurogane Reppuu, is wanted for his connection to the Star Knights. He is in New Domino City to retrieve them himself, however, gets caught up in a battle with the fate of the universe in the balance.
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Togakure Ryuu was an old style of Ninja that was born at the age of Rikudou Sennin, the origin of the style was unknown someone believe it was came from another world. However, this boy inherited the teachings from his Grandfather and becoming the 35th Generation Jiraiya, His Name Naruto Uzumaki!
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This my alternate ending for Yu-Gi-Oh1 Bonds Beyond Time. In this story, Yugi, Jaden and Yusei are aided by a new armored hero, named Flameknight. And his ally Cybergirl, she is familiar to Jaden in someway. Who is she? You'll find out here. Pairing: JadenxAlexis!
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