Mulan and Hetalia - Axis Powers Crossovers
War is but a Fairy Tale by CrystalCard reviews
AU After another failed marriage meeting, Sakura looks for a way to regain her honor... and finds it on the battlefield. Tagging along are her best friend Felicia, who is in search of her lost love, and Isabel, a nanny with a mysterious past. War is a place for many things, and so a new tale will bloom. Based off Mulan and other fairy tales.
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This is a crossover of Mulan and Hetalia. The pairing is RoChu, because well, I like Rochu, and I like this movie.
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To save her father from going to war again, Feliciana Vargas cuts off her hair and takes his place, pretending to be a boy. She's a misfit among the disgusting and strong men, being clean and clumsy herself. With the Huns already attacking, what chance does she hold of keeping her true identity under wrap, getting past training, or even surviving the war?
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Walt Disney's picture "Mulan" entirely with hetalia characters! Starring: Hungary as Mulan, Prussia as Shang and Russia as Shiang Yu! Human names used which are available. Elisabéta is a girl who fails tradition. She is determinded to enter the all male European army in order to save her father. But did not know yet that she would be the best heroine in history.
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short story of ReaderxSgt.Germany inspired by the song "I'll make a man out of you" from the soundtrack of 'Mulan"
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