My Little Pony and Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Crossovers
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Sequal to Defender of Harmony. When the Lich breaks free and comes to Equestria to form an alliance with Sombra and Chrysalis, Princesses Celestia and Luna reveal a unknown part of history and form a team of warriors to protect Equestria like in the past.
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La Tierra de Ooo se había librado de un gran mal. Pero desgraciadamente esa solución se volvió una puerta a otras tierras. Como una tarde de aburrimiento de un ser interdimensional lleva la amenaza mas grande de todas al mundo de Equestria.
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I began my life traveling the world. My dream was to be an antiquarian of ancient artifacts. I saw many things, and discovered old relics. One of which, I should have never found. Since its discovery my life has changed. My mind degrades with each day and I can't tell whats real or not anymore. The only thing holding me together is a little girl I found. And now we travel the world
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fiona is a pony now will any body find out
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