My Little Pony and Assassin's Creed Crossovers
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Fluttershy's previously honest life is about to take a dangerous turn as she is bought into a brotherhood of what seem to be killers but turn out to be hidden protectors of peace, how will she contain her secret of being an assassin? How many must she kill to complete her mission? The characters are anthros to clear it up, its kinda confusing, sorry.
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Prequel to Animus. This is where it all began, how Shooting Star and Creed got to where they are today, they will go through daring trials to get to the ranks of Master Assassins. Please review, favourite and follow thank you. AC/MLP Crossover.
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With the Templar's dead, and the apple hidden away with the amulet buried, Connor spends his life on frontier spending his time taking a well needed rest. But once again his help will be needed. But not in a way he has ever seen before. Credit to Electric Thunder for this whole story. This story is from FimFiction. net and is owned by Electric Thunder.
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Ad for a role playing forum based around a ponified world of Assassins Creed set in Victorian Age Canterlot. Rapier duels, knights, jousting tourneys, gothic castles, pirates, and beautiful artistry. But most of all... a hidden war between Templars and Assassins. Wield magic, stealth and combat to destroy the enemies of Equestria and serve Luna to guard the common pony.
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Prequel to Creed, after the princesses failed to recover his memories, shooting star finds a spell which lets him see his ancestors memories, but his world is filled with familiar details like ponies in white robes and blades hidden in their hooves. He is also re learning abilities that normal ponies his age can't do. Oc x Twilight Rated T for violence. SEASON TWO UP!
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Slight AU to Creed. Post EQG. When Shooting Star and Twilight go to the Crystal Empire, a Templar steals the Apple and runs to the other world. Now two worlds are in danger, but how can Shooting Star beat this Templar when in the other world the Assassins and Templars don't exist. Rated T for violence and slight gore. Oc x Twilight and other pairings later.
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The Assassin's come to Ponyvile. the Story is manly about my OC Night Striker but Ezio, Altair, Connor, and Edward will be in later chapters. the Story is T for now. The Mane 6 are 21 and the CMC are 15
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A pony loved by all, is hiding the biggest secret that no one can even imagine. How did this mare even become what she is? Slight OOC but for good reason! Rating might change later on
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