My Little Pony and Prototype Crossovers
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de momento, esto lo dejare en blanco. son libres de entrar a leer si lo desean. aunque se podría decir que la historia va de un humano en el reino de Equestria o algo parecido.
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Emerald Gleaner is now known to the world at large, seen as cruel and heartless at best for the slaughter of the Changelings she has few true friends in the world indeed. And with every action she takes those few seem to shrink in number. Worse yet still in an honest effort to seek help Discord brings up an old savagery once thought buried and forgotten...
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[PROTOTYPE 2] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Crossover. Oskar's secret has been revealed to Twilight in totality, Twilight faces betraying her friend or betraying her morals. The events of season 2 are fast approaching and the ripples Oskar has caused through his mere presences alone changes more and more. Can a friendship survive when one of of the friends is a killer?
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