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On the eve of Nightmare Moon's return, Princess Celestia makes a desperate wish for help saving her sister and protecting her kingdom. Her wish is magically granted when the Tree of Harmony brings her a champion from another the form of a monstrous purple dragon. Will the mighty Spyro save ponykind from their enemies, old and new, or will he burn Equestria to the ground?
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My name is James and I went to comic-con dressed as the legendary purple dragon himself, ere I was checking out different booths when a man called The Merchant made everything go black. Now here I am stuck on a strange world, not knowing if I am ever going to find a way back home. Did I mention that there are also technicolor ponies that may or may not try to kill me?
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ok in this story, a human is in the middle of a session of his favorite game while listening to the episodes of MLP;FiM season one and he is suddenly sucked into equestria as a dragon. Warning: Self Insert, also contains lots of night time, not sure if anyone cares for that though, rated T for language and other things. also Cynder will be appearing.
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