My Little Pony and Dan Vs. Crossovers
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Cansado de lidiar con el mal temperamento de Dan, y teniendo que enfrentar el fallecimiento de Elise, Chris de pronto se encuentra a una extraña mujer, quien dice tener la solucion para desaparecer los problemas de ira de su temperamental amigo. Chris acepta la propuesta de la mujer como su unica oportunidad de deshacerse mala actitud de Dan. Trayendo resultados extraños.
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"You are here to complete six lessons Dan." The alicorn said. "You must learn kindness, generosity, laughter, honesty, loyalty, and magic. Only once you have done this will you be able to return to your reality and your home." Rating may change later on, I'm sorry if this is sub-par, I haven't been writing in a while. In progress.
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Dan gets kicked of a mountain so he wants revenge on horses but instead ends up in Equestria (but he is still human) and does very chaotic things will Equestria survive this rain of dan the most unlucky and clumsy person in the world but let's see if he can compete against derpys clumsiness
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