Naruto and Angel Beats!/エンジェルビーツ Crossovers
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Naruto finally allows himself relax in the afterlife, but memories of the past, and a newcomer now present unexpected complications, and with the threat of extinction he is forced to finally wage war on God.
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He chose to forget. That's all. He never thought that Frederica would send him and Kurama to some place that is supposed to be the Afterlife. First thing that happened to him was to wake up and find a silver-haired girl fighting a whole battlefront. Damn, and he thought his world was crazy... [New Chapter] series, 'Amnesia route'
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HInata wanted to be anything but weak. wanted to follow up like her cousin, sister and peers. But when her 2 days come or 'two thousand' as she puts it her death singles her out when she meets a group of kids and an angle things get weird but not as weird when Hinata has his eye on her. a HINAHINA relastionship :) my new fav couple even though there to much alike to me
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"Maybe you'll be reincarnated as a barnacle or a water flea. Who knows?" Takamatsu had said. Sure enough, they had reincarnated, but in Naruto's World instead! They help each other on missions, and the SSS tries to find a way back to the world they are supposed to be in. Also, See what happens as I merge my top two animes!
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The world has hit its breaking point and Naruto is the only one who has any chance of preventing destruction. He faced off against Sasuke in a one on one fight. His victory was assured but in the end Sasuke used Kamui sending Naruto through the multi-verse... is he dead with no chance of returning or is he just lost among a billion universes. FIRST IN MY "SPLIT" SERIES! :)
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