Naruto and Black★Rock Shooter Crossovers
El color de la vida ninja by Kestrel-sama reviews
Siempre he estado solo en esta aldea, nadie me habla, nadie me escucha, no soy nadie... pero eso termino cuando conocí a mis hermanos, son idénticos a mi, pero con nombres muy raros, hasta he visto que estaban con un chico muy parecido a Sasuke, no hablan pero siempre me escuchan y protegen, aunque solo me encuentre con ellos en mi mente. "¿Quien son esos hermanos de Naruto?"
Rated: T - Spanish - Drama/Mystery - Chapters: 2 - Words: 7,043 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 6/28/2017 - Published: 3/19/2016
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"Tsk." A blond haired guy said as he was beat up. He looked forward to see a girl with a black cloak pointing a weapon at him. "Don't do it Mato!" The girl is recharging her gun as she was consumed by evil. "Destroy him." A girl said and Mato did as she was told. "I'll bring you back Mato." The blond said as he activated Bijuu mode and got ready to fight.
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Banished from Konoha and Naruto was found by a strange white woman she offers him a deal, he can't resist. Will he ever return to Konoha? Or will his revenge take over? Summary sucks. Dark/Evil Naruto Pairing NarutoxNafe Accepting guest reviews
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The Threshold is a place inhabited by impure souls. The Black Shooters are some of the strongest souls, forming a large community that governed those impure souls in order to make new Black Shooters out of them. In the face of such huge power, one different 'color' arises. "Red...Gear...Blaster!" -"New Chapter" series, 'Heaven route'. Pairings: Naruto x Rock (undecided)
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Sakura was trained under BGS for sometime and now her training done what will people think of her. The Akatsuki and Seven Apostle have teamed up. Sorry it's a bad summary but hope you enjoy it I don't know who to ship write a review on who should be with who.
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Finding himself in another world, a 15 year old Itachi meets a number of girls who always fought without a reason, without a purpose. Can Itachi give them a reason to fight, all the while fulfilling a destiny he didn't know he had? Itachi/Black Rock Shooter and possible Itachi/Harem.
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The Village of Hazamagakure... a mysterious place for those who have not found it. but those who decide to try and take advantage of its desolate location are in for a rude awakening from the leader of the village. this is the story of Kuyo Minamoto, his fiancee and his squad. Rated T for now, might change later down the road. ,..,
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Naruto, with nowhere to go, finds an odd strap with a blue star on it. He then finds himself seeing the life of another him, wielding a large rectangular barrel. The next thing he knows, he wakes up in Japan. BEING REWRITTEN!
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A girl who knows peace,love,hate,despair,betrayal,& friendship must choose a path that dosen't destroy everything she wants.OCs INCLUDED Black Rock Shooter will help her find her path and regain her broken memories.
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