Naruto and God of War Crossovers
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Hinata has always wanted to prove herself to Naruto, but her opportunity might be her toughest fight yet, and the weapons involved are like nothing she's ever seen.
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During the final battle between Kratos and Zeus, Gaia was also killed but she swore on returning one day. Prepare for the greatest and most unexpected adventure with creatures like satyrs, minotaurs, gorgons, and gods. A young ninja will learn to harness the powers of a god. Fortunately he has the help of his friends in this quest.
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Naruto es el hijo de Kratos y Artemis, Kratos muere dejandolo en las puertas de Konoha siendo adoptado por Minato y Kushina, ambos murieron en manos de Hades dejandolo solo a los 8 años junto a su hermana Kasumi que es Jinchiruki del Kyuubi, Naruto buscara el poder deifnitivo para derrotar a Hades de una buena vez por todas. Crossorver entre God of War, Saint Seiya y Naruto.
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