Naruto and Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken/転生したらスライムだった件 Crossovers
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Naruto is dying. He has many regrets, including not being able to save his best friend. Meanwhile, Rimuru and Veldora are waiting for their first egg to hatch. This time, Naruto is given the chance to fulfill his dreams and more. VeldoraXRimuru Future SasuNaru Alpha/Beta/Omega Omega!Veldora
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While the summoned youths were practicing a summoning spell, a small mistake leads Naruto to their world, specifically, to the city of Rimuru. Naruto and Rimuru, the slime in charge of the city, must join forces to defeat a threat that looms over them all.
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Selama ini aku hidup sendirian dalam kebencian orang-orang di sekitarku. Aku mengejar kekuatan dan kekuasaan untuk membuktikan keberadaanku. Hingga suatu hari kau muncul dan mengajarkanku bahwa keberadaanku tidak perlu dibuktikan lagi, karena kau sudah mengakuinya. Dan sekarang yang aku inginkan hanyalah kekuatan untuk melindungimu.
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