Naruto and Uta no Prince-sama Crossovers
Wild Child, Kura(Secretly Naru)-Chan! by That One Senpai reviews
Naruto did bring Sasuke back, only to get sent out of her most beloved home. No matter how upset she is, she could never blame them though. She is exiled to the lands beyond the elemental nations and makes something of herself. At a boarding school for upcoming stars, she is forced to face things she'd rather leave back in her home 'town'. Uncertain about pairings, reviews welcome.
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Melody In Our Hearts by Hiddenblossom04 reviews
There are four main characters in this story.Ichinose and Nanami are childhood lovers. She was a commoner.He was a child star.What happens if they were both kidnapped that led them into the hospital. Years later,Sakura and Ichinose are a famous couple in the Media while Nanami and Sasuke develops a strong bond,that leads into revenge. Please Review! Arigato!
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Up for adoption! :'( Author's Note inside with more info...
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Summary; A girl and a boy rooming with each other… Akasuna no Sasori doesn't even know that incident would be there and lure him to be room with her… What worst, he doesn't give a damn thing about that girl and yet he kept her secret… WARNINGS! OOC of the characters might be present. Be aware that this fan fiction isn't a real story or in any Manga or Anime….
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