Naruto and inFAMOUS Crossovers
A Shocking Experience by Dimension Distorter reviews
When Naruto gets sick and tired of failing the graduation test Mizuki decides to help him,only for his own benefit. When Naruto takes the forbidden scroll he uncovers more about his heritage than a new jutsu.
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Rewrite of he infamous Uzumaki Naruto. What if Naruto was not as he seemed. What if he was really a conduit. But luckily for him he's not alone. Watch out, because karma will change someone, No matter how little
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Time has passed since Cole Macgrath saved the earth from The Beast. And alot has changed. The plague died but many conduits lived years have passed now Conduits are all over the world. Put into three Categories. The Lesser, Major, and Primes. A conduit war is coming. And a young prime conduit boy named Naruto is in the middle of it. Will he be a patron saint? Or the second Beast?
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The Fallen Savior by The Final Conduit reviews
The nature of the multiverse is that all things are possible. In one future, the Juubi was sealed inside of one man. In the other, it was divided into nine beasts and sealed into different people. Cole enters the latter world, holding the Juubi within himself. The sad thing is, he doesn't even realize it. At least before hell returned to his life. Takes place before Pein battle.
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Naruto/inFAMOUS X-over, a large and toxic blast has left over a third of Konohagakure no Sato in a quarantine, with a certain blonde awoken at the centre, things look different for a new Conduit. Undecided pairings, rated T, for now.
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I got this from dimension distorter. Naruto learns more than just the Shadow clone jutsu from the scroll. In turn he learns about his ancestors and how they made him who he is today. Join Naruto on the adventure of a lifetime. Abandoned.
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