Naruto and Daily Life with a Monster Girl/モンスター娘のいる日常 Crossovers
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Tire of being a ninja after saving a world he no longer want to live in, Naruto choose to live in a world where monster start blending in with human. Now can Naruto control a group of love lust fill (Only if he do something heroic) monster girls, or will he force to give up his virgin and be takin to jail? Plus his annoy sisters will come to take him back home (Of the bad past) 0
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One-Shot. Naruto didn't know how this happened, one moment he was lost in a forest, next he finds a scythe, along with a woman wanting to help him, train him and teach him, the only thing was she was a Dullahan, but yet, she then tells him he was a Dullahan now as well, how will Naruto get ahead in life by being just a head, by being unpredictable. Naruto X Celty. Up For Adoption.
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