Naruto and Warriors Orochi Crossovers
Naruto:Mystic Shinobi by Ninj4Fox2020 reviews
After being saved by four immortal beings, He was offered to being trained in their ways, with his friends and family, they uncover a plot made by an malevolent being, will Naruto and his allies be able to finally stop the cycle of lies and deception, or will they fail and the human race by the beings puppets forever.
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Warped! Koei no Sekai! by INACTIVE- Dissa Chavalliana reviews
Kata ramalan sih.. 9 orang akan memasuki warp dimension dan mengikuti petualangan besar di dunia lain! Semua demi menyelamatkan dunia dari nine-tailed queen. Bagaimanakah keseruan dan mungkin kekocakannya? (Just begin from prologue.. Request from Ashura-san) (Cover mungkin nanti ganti - -)
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Warriors Orochi: Shinobi of Fire by Omniczar reviews
A non-canon sequel to Dragon of Judgment. Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi somehow end up in the middle of a battle between Shu and Lu Bu and their only hope to get home seems to be in a certain Master and his Shaman Queen companion. Please R&R.
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Naruto does the one thing no one thought he would do. With the lands fallen a new hero must come to free it. A Naruto X Warriors Orochi crossover.
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