Ninja Turtles and Super Robot Monkey Team Crossovers
Friends from down below by Redemerald6 reviews
On the anniversary of the day Chiro met the hyper force the boy is attacked and thrown into a world he doesn't know. What will the team do to find their beloved family member? And who will find the injured boy as he lies on the rooftop of a new york building?
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After the turning of the Jasmine and Sora to the side of evil, the team and the two witches have hunted for the Gems of Darkness all over again to free them, but things don't quite turn out as they wish when the now evil girls get word of this… Sequel to 'Light vs. Dark Once More'
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Skeleton King and Shredder managed to get away and now are on the run, to find what they need to conquer the universe and to destroy their enemies. The Ninja Turtles and Monkey Team are after them. With a problem in their path, will they be able to stop..
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The war between Skeleton King and the Hyper Force continues on, but Skeleton King finally sees that he is unable to get Shuggazoom while the Hyper Force protects it. So he leaves for a weak planet he found named Earth. Rest of summery inside!
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How could Gibson and Nova know that just 1 sentence would break his heart this much?Or how could Raph know that just one more temper loose would bring this much trouble?They all understood it,when they ran into another Dimension,separated...
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