Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Kid Icarus Crossovers
Percy Jackson and the Olym-PIT-ians by Johto Jedi reviews
Pit and his bro are separated. One goes to one demigod summer camp while the other goes to the other. Along the way, they join forces with new demi-friends and both go on demi-quests to find and do demi-things. ILLEGALLY WRITTEN IN SCREENPLAY. DON'T FLAME IT plz. *Most credit goes to my friend who doesn't have a decided username YET*
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While staying at Camp Half-Blood, Paris tries to figure out who he is. Could he really be a son of Athena as they say? Or maybe the child of a goddess from a foreign world? Because Viridi knows, and she's certainly not telling.
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When Percy and Liliana were wrongly accused of a crime they ran away and found their way to Skyworld and became soldiers of Palutena's army with Pit and Dark Pit. 50 years later, their old friends needs their help again with the aurum... Could they trust them again? And how will their friends handle them with their new abilities?
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While Nico Di Angelo is trudging through Tartarus he finds a mirror in an empty room safe from the monsters surrounding him. When he touches the mirror, it transports his consciousness into an angel in an alternate universe. Who is this mysterious angel he's trapped within and will Nico make it back to his own world, where his friends are waiting for him?
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Imagine a Chaos fic, but instead of Chaos, it's Palutena who recruits Percy. Instead of a very emo and mad Percy, we get our normal Son of Poseidon. Instead of just Gaea, The Gorgons join in and attac. Percy/OC Pit/Calypso SAVE THIS FIC! Detls. inside CH7
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