Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Norse Mythology Crossovers
The Saga of Erik: The Beasts of Fire by BloodXAngel reviews
Erik Sinason is a normal boy living in St. Paul, Minnesota. At least, that's what he believes. When his school takes a trip to a museum, Erik's life begins to change. From that day onward, nothing is the same.
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Ragnarok has ended and the realms are all in disarray, including the aftermath of Midgard's WW3. Most of the gods from both sides have been slain in battle, with very few left behind to help pick up the pieces and restore world order. Modi and Magni, sons of Thor, have been tasked by Mimir to rebuild Asgard. Who else has survived the Great War of the gods? (SYOC)
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A continuation of the Norse Demigods story! This is the updated version of the story, so it'll be more modern and way more exciting. Don't worry, I put a notification in my old story. Same goes with the Egyptian demigod story and if you submitted to the Egyptian demigod story, could you resubmit? I forgot the characters personalities... Sorry! But please tell me. And R&R HERE!
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