Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Norse Mythology Crossovers
The Saga of Erik: The Beasts of Fire by BloodXAngel reviews
Erik Sinason is a normal boy living in St. Paul, Minnesota. At least, that's what he believes. When his school takes a trip to a museum, Erik's life begins to change. From that day onward, nothing is the same.
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Percy Jackson thought that after the Giant War that he would get a break. He was wrong. A new demigod has come to camp, and he doesn't have any memorries. Who is this guy, why does he seem to not like Jason, and what's Chiron worried about?
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New Asgard by manjorlas reviews
Leah is just a normal girl, but when a series of strange events happen to her, she discovers that she is destined for much greater things. She ends up in a special training camp for people like her. There, she learns her true potential and skills. A Percy Jackson spin off, but involving Norse Mythology.
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Amber Grossville is an average teenage student. Except she isn't. Betwen battles with monsters and making/solving problems, Amber has to do whatever it takes to save the world.
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Greek,Roman,Norse, it doesn't matter. Watch your demigod go through a year at school at Demi University, a university for also offers New rome. I can only except PM (Private messaging) closing date is the end of march
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A continuation of the Norse Demigods story! This is the updated version of the story, so it'll be more modern and way more exciting. Don't worry, I put a notification in my old story. Same goes with the Egyptian demigod story and if you submitted to the Egyptian demigod story, could you resubmit? I forgot the characters personalities... Sorry! But please tell me. And R&R HERE!
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An unfamiliar power rises in the north of Maine that quickly threatens the power of the Gods of Olympus. A holy war is inevitable, but regardless of their similarities, will their differences prove too great for only one power to remain?
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