Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Mythology Crossovers
Odhran Curry and the Tuatha Dé Danann by AlexFierro reviews
This is the beginning of a thing I was writing which is basically in the Riordan universe, but it's about Celtic demigods! I'm posting it here to see if anyone might be interested in reading it. Please notify me if you like it so far and would continue to read it and I'll write more!
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You know, living a normal life is all I've truly wanted...But it's hard to live a normal life, when suddenly the books you've read, they come to life. Like, the characters come off the pages, and into your life. That's what happens to me... Small towns Dayton and Ranchester Wyoming get invaded by Rick Riordan's characters... Oh... and I can't forget Acme and Sheridan.
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Smile by hollyleaf22301 reviews
Thalia and Annabeth are running, running from, from What? Jeff, he found them. Jeff the Killer. If the gods are real, why can't he be? Very short, but wouldn't you want your end to be too? Don't read if you're going to be scared and put a negative comment. Smile for me.
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The Lost Records: The Founding of Aelfrin by mowin.rowan
A collection of journal entries from the Founders of the multi-mythology realm of Aelfrin: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, and the first king of Aelfrin, Roy Avery, compiled by Rowan Howard, the Chief Librarian of Aelfrin in the year 6493 AD
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New Olympian tales with a biblical twists and a closer look at the gods.
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There has been a camp for Greek mythology, Roman mythology, and technically a camp for Egyptian mythology. But, what if it was a combination of the zodiacs? What would they do? What if the books were in that world? What if they all met, too? Just what?
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ok this is my first fic so go easy on me and for people who like it if i get more than 3 reviews i will keep going but dont like it dont read it
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