Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland Crossovers
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Alice finds herself in darkness and is helped by a boy with red hair. He takes her to neverland, but they run into trouble. Hook has seen her and wants to know who she is. Will he find out? Will a mystery boy reveal himself?
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-He soñado contigo desde que era un niño, Alice... / Alice Liddel y Wendy Darling han sido muy cercanas desde pequeñas, siempre inventando disparates sobre mundos fantásticos. Pero todos tenemos que crecer. Mientras que Wendy se adentra en el mundo de los adultos, Alice permanece fiel a su adorado Wonderland, sola pero fiel. Hasta esa charla. Hasta ese baile. Hasta esa noche.
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Alice Liddle meets Peter Pan when he comes into her room through her window looking for a new friend. What sort of adventures will these two go on. What will happen in the end that makes them give up the one thing in the world that they loved most? I do not own Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland! Doy! Read my other stories and comment on them if you want me to continue them!
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This story is based on many Disney characters. Alice and Wendy, best friends, have just moved from England to America and are both about to attend Disney Dust Academy, a school for the magically talented. Meanwhile Ariel suffers with the fact that once she turns sixteen, she has to decide whether to be mermaid or human. And then there's Peter Pan, the boy who changes everything...
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If Peter Pan, the boy who vowed he would never grow old, and Alice Liddle, the girl who forgot how to be a child, ever were to meet would they see how perfect they could be together. Alice, ever wishing for a way to re-visit her forgotten childhood, and Peter, already always living his own. AU Sometime After Wendy
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Léanthe est une jeune fille de 16 ans qui vit avec sa mère à Londres où elle rencontre Peter Pan, qui lui fait part de sa différence et lui apprend qu'elle aussi a une autre identité et doit sauver Underland de la reine rouge, après que son arrière grande tante Alice Kingsley ait échoué.
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Thank you all for reading my fanfiction. I hope you'll enjoy a more personal work of mine, Never Wonder Land. A modern mash up of familiar character from Alice and Peter Pan, this story follows a forgetful little girl named Licey. She arrives at Joy House Orphanage with nothing but nonsense and fuzzy memories. But when she meets the others,things get strange and curiously fun.
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Not true to the title, I know. It is their first meeting. So anyway, a new mother for the Lost Boys.
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