Pirates of the Caribbean and Merlin Crossovers
Merlin, Prince of Pirates by Cissa The Bookworm reviews
Uther has banned all pirates from Camelot, the Stone of Emyrs has been stolen, and Merlin is a pirate. Uther must ask the help of Merlin and Arthur and the knights must be able to accept Merlin for the mission to save the Stone to end well. Follow Merlin, Arthur, and the knights on a trip through the high seas.
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Merlin had been doing a good job of hiding hid parentage until his father became the newest ally of King Uther. Now, Merlin, recognized as the prince of the pirates, has to deal with hiding his magic, saving Arthur as usual. But Arthur has a secret. Magic!Arthur, Nice!Morgana. First Fic, so please read! Bad summary is bad. NOW COMPLETE!
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Before moving to Ealdor, Merlin lived by the sea and with the sea. But his mother could only watch her son die by navy hands so many times. AU where Pirates of the Caribbean takes place in Merlin's universe and Merlin can't die. TWO-Shot
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Merlin is the prince of the pirates and the son of the great Captain Jack Sparrow. He enjoyed his life, but he left his life out at sea and found a new life in Camelot as the Prince's manservant. Merlin hid his identity for years, but when his past life comes back to haunt him his identity is revealed. Arthur may be understanding, but Uther...not so much.
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The words of the druid seer have echoed in his mind over the centuries, driving Merlin to the brink of madness as he watches and tries to assist his king as he returns over and over again. post 5x13 Merlin, pre- Curse of the Black Pearl. Crack about the history of Capt Jack Sparrow. You live for over a thousand years and see how sane you are! (Added Author Note about continuation)
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Merlin has woken up in his new form as Captain Jack Sparrow and has searched for Arthur, who forgets everything about his old form when he regenerates. Written in first person by Jack of the first time he found Will.
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I lied when I said I never knew my father. To tell the truth would get me killed. This is a story of what happens when a deadly truth comes to light. This is a story of how Arthur found out. Everything.
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