Pokémon and D.Gray-Man Crossovers
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Mientras Allen escapa de las garras del Conde, los exorcistas y el apócrifo se ve envuelto en batalla,Si embargo, un agujero negro se abrio en medio de la lucha y a arrastrado a Allen a otra dimensión. Ahora Allen, con ayuda de un par de chicos llamados "Green" y "Red" debe buscar la manera de volver a casa encontrando una criatura llamada "Giratina" Reto del foro DexHolders.
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Melody Ketchum, daughter of Dawn and Ash Ketchum, after defeated Cynthia, the Pokemon champion of Sinnoh region, she goes to her grandmother house in Kanto for the celebration of her won...and something unexpected happened as she is suck into a strange new world that doesn't have Pokemon. What will happen? Oc x ?...star at the Ark arc. I did my best for the image cover, please R&R
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Warm and shine like a sun, have a beauty like a snowflake. Melody Ketchum always cheerful and enjoy her life with her family. Now her adventure begin in the strange world, strange people Friendship, trust, hope and brave are need, will she be fine? Please read and review FOR ADOPTION!
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I do not own the rights to D-Gray Man or Pokémon. This is comedy and a parody if Lavi played Pokémon games, and Allen and Lavi were in a all boys school school together. Cross is mentioned, but not in this fanfiction. It is a bit shonen-ai. Enjoy!
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