Pokémon and Kid Icarus Crossovers
Pokemon Uprising by Mikazuki Ninja reviews
Pit and Dark Pit have been transformed into Pikachu's...wait what! Now they have to go on an adventure to solve this little mystery, but here is the hard part, they can't communicate with their goddesses. How will these two angels get out of this one?
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My Dignity, Her Speed and His Cuisine by Kaabisteru reviews
A new employee has been chosen on Nintendo Club: namely Bubbles, from Clu Clu Land. Pit's pretty sceptical about her appearance, doubting she would be any sort of help to the restaurant: Cilan on the other hand, had already caught a glimpse of the invaluable potential on the "loopfish". (One-Shot)
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Kid Icarus and the Curse of Atlantis by AngelicSerenade reviews
Pit and his new partner Penile travel to Atlantis, the underwater city, where a sacred treasure was guarded. When Pit and Penile mistakenly touch the tresure, they become pokemon, but which one? Chapter 5 is now up, a bit of a rushed job!
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