Ranma and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D Crossovers
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Being the son of Genma Saotome is hard enough, but throw in the Devil herself as your mother and you have Ranma Sitri's headache. How is a half human, half devil supposed to become the greatest martial artist in the universe with a family like his?
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Normally during his childhood, Issei Hyoudou would always play with Irina Shidou until she moved away. However that changed as one day, when the two of them befriend an amnesiac red hair girl that wonders into Kuoh Town. This simple act not only change the lives of the three of them but have cascading effect on the events that would happen in Kouh Town for years to come
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After the failed wedding, Ranma shows up to school only to find he has been expelled by the Hawaiian nut job while he was in China. His mother steps in and has him sent away to a new school away from Nerima with the hopes that things will cool down while her son is gone or at least buy her time to deal with her husband's mistakes.
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