Rave Master and Fairy Tail Crossovers
The Double Cross: Transcending Bonds by Prabh Kurosaki reviews
This story is basically about what would happen if the Rave Warriors and Fairy Tail existed around the same time. Both plots merge and enemies and allies unite to do battle.
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Reflets dans le miroir du temps by Silkette-chin
Plusieurs siècles les séparent. Leurs passés divergent, à la fois heureux et malheureux. Leurs aventures sont différentes, aussi bien dans le contexte que dans les épreuves traversées. Tout les dissocie, ils ne sont liés en rien. Et pourtant... Au fond, ils finissent par se refléter dans le miroir du temps d'une manière ou d'une autre. [Projet "Lumière féerique"]
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Unexpectedly, Team Natsu and The Rave Warriors met each other once again. Team Natsu brought the Rave Warriors to introduce them to the rest of the fairies. Elie, one of the Rave Warriors, one day invited the Team Natsu to go on a resort in which they accepted. Erza, one of the member of Team Natsu suggested the Akane Resort. A Fairy Tail and Rave Master Crossover!
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It's the 34th Annual Grand Magic Games. Natsu Dragneel and Haru Glory are this year's accolades and must face the tragic journey of the Games. What will happen once they are shoved in the arena? Will they survive? How will this year's Games end?...Hunger Games Parody. Fem!NatsuxHaru, Fem!NatsuxGray. This is a sample that may or may not turn into a real story
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the shocking truth about Gray - the Rave stone turn ice by Arikashika5985 reviews
no one knew why Gray was acting so strangely at the guild. but when he mysteriously disappears with Lyon after a job... will natsu go find him? Natsu and Lucy meet Haru and his friends in the guild. Haru has to help Natsu find Gray so he can get the rave stone. But will it be more than they can handle? read to find out what happens
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Team Natsu take a job just like any other day but on this job its different...How so? You ask well because for this job they'll have to team up with Rave Masters Haru and Elie and Crime Sorciere! Will they survive or will Haru and Natsu end up killing each other? Warning: OCs Rated:T because I'm paranoid
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: Haru and Elie are now on an adventure again after the war ended (with Plue)… they are searching for these weird gems that dragons only have that can save their world because another dark bring and much powerful than to those previous dark bring are going to destroy their world… complete summary inside... couple NatsuXLucy and HaruXElie... read and review, thank you!
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[Crossover Rave][GrayxJuvia][MusicaxReina][One-Shot] Pensó y comenzó a acercar su mano con la de Juvia, únicamente su menique con la peliazul quien se sorprendió y se sonrojo mirándolo a la cara. — Gray-sama. — Al parecer las palabras de Musica Hamrio hicieron recapacitar a Gray , pero al menos estaba contento de que aun a pesar de muchas cosas, Juvia aun siguiera a su lado -
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The Story of Rave... It doesn't exist anymore! Haru Glory lives the future that Lucia wished for and is wished away from the World of Lies, to the truth of time. Rave is back to save the world once more, a different world! A FAIRY WORLD!
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Elie POV: "Diambil dari dongeng Cinderella yang diubah jadi Cinderelie karena namaku adalah Elie bukan Ella. Aku percaya, dunia pasti berputar kayak lagunya STeh12(?) dan hidupku pasti suatu saat nanti juga akan berubah menjadi lebih baik." Fic yang dah lama diketik, setahun yang lalu.
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I find myself falling from one world to the next, not knowing what is happening to me. I have no memory, and I know I can make a new memory here...but I only have to wonder where I am really from and what really matters to me. I'm so confused but with this brewing war, I will choose what I stand for. FairyTail is now my home as well. Maybe some time, I will learn who I really am.
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