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All in all, Hariel wasn't mad at whoever had brought her here. Sure, there was no indoor plumbing. And yeah, okay, all the food was pretty bland. And the villagers in this primitive little corner of the Earth were terrified of her for some reason. But honestly, Hariel was loving it. It was about time she got a vacation. Fem!HarryPotter. Goddess!Hariel. Hariel/Harem(?)
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16 years have passed since Yuri Ishtar became Tawanna of the Hatti Empire. Through her and her husband Kail Mursili I the land prospered greatly from the peace. Among those cities is also Troy, that profited from the trade with their powerful neighbour. And all is well. But a storm is coming from the west. Bringing war ships with it. The legendary Trojan War is about to begin.
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As Higarashi Kagome gets ready to return to present Japan to prepare for her exams, she waves a good bye to her friends in feudal Japan, she jumps inside the old well, expecting to be transported to modern Japan. But instead, she is suddenly rushed in by a red light! When she wakes up, she finds herself in the Nile of Ancient Egypt!
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