Sailor Moon and Avatar: Last Airbender Crossovers
World Peace by Kurisuta
Aang has a conversation with his past self, the first Avatar, who was also the New Moon Senshi when he is trying to find out a way to end the war.
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Five Spiritual Guardians: Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako are on a journey in search for the current Avatar, a young airbender. Can they get to him in time before Sozin's Comet arrives?
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My View by Minako the Fangirl
Don't have to read. Just my view on pairings, episodes, seasons, and more from my specialties SM and Avatar.
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God Save Us From Fangirls and Characters by LadyOfTheOldWorld reviews
In which two fangirls plan an Inter-Fictional Dimension Convention, but with a twist from what most people would think... - Mainly a Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, and Avatar/Legend of Korra Cross-over, but not necessarily in that order. Rathed T for cursing and themes present in later chapters. This isn't meant to be a parody, just something that was thought up for fun.
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Fate Of Two Moons by Military Mechanic reviews
Usagi isn't sure what she's getting into when Setsuna calls her over, claims that the timeline closest to their own is in danger. This other has just lost it's Moon Spirit. And it needs someone to help keep it in balance. Yet what is she supposed to do, when the group she is supposed to help doesn't get along?
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The Last Airbender and the First Avatar by Celestia's Paladin reviews
On top of the ancient Lion-Turtle, Aang searches for a way to end Sozin's War without breaking his beliefs. He meets with his past lives, and in the end meets the First Avatar.
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