Scooby Doo and Danny Phantom Crossovers
A Phantom of a Mystery (Preview for now) by FariyFlare reviews
Danny takes a type to Coolsville, Ohio, USA to visit two of his online friends. Who are they you ask? No other than Shaggy and Scooby! With Danny hanging around, the Mystery Gang will have a bigger mystery under their noses then they could ever dream about! Will the Gang solve the mystery revealing Danny secret? Or will Danny be able to keep his secret intact during his visit?
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Dani is transferred to Ms. Grimwood's while trying to keep her secret that she is half human instead of all ghost. Danny/Dani(father/daughter). At this point going through a slight shift.
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Real ghosts don't exist... do they? Lets let our freindly neighborhood Phantom get a couple laughs out of the gang and the box ghost shall we? Read at your own risk. :P
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It's several years after Danny Fenton and his friends have graduated high school and now it seems that a new ghostly threat is about to rear its ugly head, and only Danny, Tucker and Sam, with some help from some newfound friends can stop it. Pairing: Danny/Sam, maybe some Sam/Male OC, some Danny/Female OC, and Tucker/Female OC, just for the heck of it as well.
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