Shining Force Crossovers
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Nicholas Swiftsword, the newest Power Keeper in 1000 years, embarks in a journey to unite the heroes of the world, meeting new allies, as well as enemies, along the way. Tamriel, Emerald Hills, Skylands, Midgar, Equestria, the Four Nations, Hyrule...this is but a small portion of the world of The Power Keeper. No sexual content, rated T for violence, blood, and language at times.
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this is for Pokemonfan9998...Well if i can get this up and she reads it or if she does not i will not read ANY OF HER STORIES...sorry i um uh lost myself for a moment and find her stories in mario and pokemon and total drama...
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Shining Force belongs to SEGA and The Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo
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Logan is what he is, a Gary Sue...And he know's that he is. But what makes him more Gary Sue is a new ability he just acquired: Lycanthropy. Contains: Mainly StarFox characters, one character from Shining Tears and another From Shining Wind. Rated T, R/R
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After the Profound Darkness has been defeated, Chaz lives a normal life until he finds a mysterious note. It says to beware of "Dark Dragon" and "Zeon", but what does this mean?
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Team Fire Emblem have been sent over to Guardiana to meet Team Shining Force and negotiate the first ever Sega-Nintendo peace treaty. Almost immediately, things start going horribly wrong and it isn't Ike's fault for once.
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