Skulduggery Pleasant series and Sherlock Crossovers
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This is the end. There's no going back for John and Sherlock now. All four detectives will be pushed to their limits, trust will be exploited and fears amplified. This isn't a case to find a murderer, it is a fight for the survival of their partnerships and their lives. Everything is about to change.
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A girl found bleeding out in the streets of an estate after being brutally stabbed. A girl who apparently had Amnesia and remembers only a small bit about the world. A girl without a background, history or presence. And she just so happens to be able to give our favorite consulting detective a run for his money... UNDER CONSTRUCTION
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The sequel to When Egos Collide. Skulduggery has convinced a reluctant Valkyrie to come with him, a self-proclaimed "consulting detective", and her ex-boyfriend. Where? Of course, no less than a search to find the Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler. There are spoilers for all three series, though not overly major. And yes, this is a Doctor Who crossover as well. T for swearing.
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Sherlock discovers that 'more that a man' meant just that - Moriarty is working with a group of mages, but his aim is unclear. Hot on Moriarty's trail, Sherlock reasons that perhaps heroes do exist after all. {Originally entitled 'The Hitman and the Detective'; spoilers for Mortal Coil and S02E01}
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