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Breezie Summer Camp: Nights into Starla: episode 1: A Grounded Odyssey by Opel Vectra
A Breezie Summer Camp Prequel about one of Cosmo's sisters Starla involving Nights characters such as Reala and Wizeman (the one that talks like Mojo Jojo and Ghostface) and Disney's Lloyd Nebulon, hope you'll enjoy that... (I don't own Sonic,Nights and Lloyd In Space...)
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Sonic's here with a new situation and as usual, it's a life or death one! After Eggman was swallowed up in a portal that lead to another world, one called the Dream Dimension where he meets Owl, an old and wise bird and someone else so interesting, so intriguing, by the name of NiGHTS. Going through the Dream Dimension and Nightopia will be the two heroes, NiGHTS and Sonic.
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