Sonic the Hedgehog and Team Fortress 2 Crossovers
Sonic Fortress Mania by Fire Scorpion
Bonk Scout, long range snipe, Sinister spy, dominated Soldier we're fighting off against Army of Great Men robots. one of the Greymon robots found the mysterious Gem. that opened the portal through another dimension that's send red team along with them.
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Expiration Date: A Sonic the Hedgehog Retelling by BADA555W0RD reviews
The BLU team was given a day off, but after Miles showed them the tragic results of an expirement, these days off might be the merc's last. And Sonic's dieing wish, going on a date with Amy Rose, might come true in this misadventure. My first two-shot. Rated T for seggested themes (but nothing shown, just suggested)
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I find some bad news and a new villain in are way What would Happen? find out in the Adventures of Gage Plays!
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Team Fortress 2 Sonic Version by Damage54 reviews
This is my first story so reviews are welcomed. This is a crossover of TF2 and Sonic. Sonic characters play as the 9 classes and the team have new names. Every chapter will have 2 parts for the 2 sides. If the main story is finished in a descent amount of time I would love to hear ideas for new projects. A page will be made on face book for any ideas or suggestions. No Flames.
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Fictional Collision-Teaser by Angelthehedgehog100 reviews
This is the teaser of my soon to come,Fictional Collision. WARNING: THESE ARE SELF INSERTS! If you usually don't like self inserts please turn away NOW. please,no flaming allowed you can tell me on how to improve my fan-fics but please don't rant on and on about it.
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One of those bad ideas that you get when you stay up too late. This was one of mine, and it's about Heavy and his buddies.
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No one could have seen it coming, and with an all-too generic plot device, the team is scattered and left to fend for themselves in a strange new world. Rated for violence/language. R&R
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Team Fortress 2 and Sonic The Hedgehog FINAL BATTL by John Dawton reviews
All is normaltr in th RED base but then BLU com and cause Space time rift 2 happen! SOnic comes out!
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