Soul Eater and Avengers Crossovers
Madness of a God by Mangleen reviews
Slightly AU. Loki escaped. But not without help. The Avengers and the top Meisters at the DWMA must work together to put an end to their foes. The enemy of my enemy is my friend...Right?
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The Strength of a Hundred by reviews
Maka and the gang are trying to make the best of their last sight-seeing day in the Big Apple when they stumble across a flyer for an event going on in Central Park. "It seems like there's a big competition going on over there. Huge. Something about… a hammer-lifting contest."
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Black Star Goes to the Avengers by dmiller09 reviews
Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki as well as Maka, Soul, Professor Stien, and Ms. Marie all go to our earth to help beat a kishin who is bent on taking over this world. for this Black Star and Tsubaki must join up with the Avengers.
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The Avengers Meet Medusa And Crona by OLD USERNAME DON'T FOLLOW reviews
The sequel to "The X-Men Meet The Meisters!" The Avengers have assembled once before, and they'll have to do it again to save Hawkeye and Black Widow from Medusa!
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