Soul Eater and Rise of the Guardians Crossovers
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200 years ago a boy named Soul died with his father on a hunting trip but he came back as the spirit of death. Now in present time pitch has come back and has control of the kishins and Mim has choosen Soul to be the next new guardian and to help defeat pitch. (critisism\reviews are wanted\needed i like your guys opinions )
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After a hundred years, the Guardians are back up against an evil which has, somehow, caused the black Moon to turn yellow once again. Sequel to "Will They Let Us Down" and "The First Guardian".
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After an accident ending the weapon and miester's life they are resurrected by the "Man in the moon" As the spirits of courage and loyalty they stick together as weapon and miester as they are chosen as two new guardians working as one. Together, along with the other guardians they must protect the children of the world from a very familiar enemy.
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Sequel. After the Kishin Asura is defeated, Pitch Black wakes up to a world where the old Lord Death is dead, and the Guardians are long gone. All the while, a certain meister has dreams involving certain people. Will Maka be the key to saving the world, stopping Pitch - and bringing the Guardians back?
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Soul Eater runs from Death City because of the black blood that is slowly grating his mind, as he is leaving Death City, he saves a child from a Kishin, only to die himself, he wakes up as the Spirit of Hallow, only for MiM to make him a Guardian! "Damnit... This is so not cool." FrostXSoul / FrostScythe, YAOI : Being Rewritten.
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Kid didn't have much of a childhood, who could blame him when you were the son of the grim reaper one didn't have the time to believe in childish fantasies. What happens however when the young shinigami meets a certain winter spirit? Did he hold on to some shred of hope...or belief? This is my first story so let's see how I do.
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