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A sequel to "Spider-Man: Battle for Remnant". Spider-Man and Sonic team up once more to find out the mystery of the strange robot rampage happening all across Mobius. During this hi-speed adventure, they come across old pals like the Babylon Rogues, Venom, and even Cinder's team from Remnant. What are they doing here: To prove who's the fastest between all three dimensions!
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The first story in the United Heroes series. On Earth a mysterious Pulse happened, which created this new material called ISO-8. Doctor Octopus uses the ones he found to power up his Dimensional transporter, where he comes across Dr. Eggman and the two work together to conquer both worlds. Now Spider-Man and Sonic must team up to save both of their worlds from the two evil Doctors.
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ovo je priča o herojima u stvarnom životu
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