Spyro the Dragon and Halo Crossovers
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After an attack by surviving Brute warships, Shadow of Intent's crew crashes on a Planet that looks like Earth, mistaking it for the same planet. Then, the Arbiter encounter's the most strangest and interesting creature in his life: Cynder. Now, the fate of the Dragon city must rely on the heroes of two separate worlds, in order to repel an intimidating and violent foe...
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The Master Chief finds himself in a land that is unknown, his main priority is to find a way off the planet. But not without cost, he must journey with these dragons, gain their trust, and work together to defeat a power more dangerous than the Covenant. Review please, I didn't work hard on this one, but I did it with effort.
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There mabey some words missing...but deal with it!The Chief,Arbiter,and Cortana must help the whole universe from the incarnation of death itself,as Deathwing.
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Years after the war between the UNCSC and the Covenant. Peace finally came. But then a UNSC cruiser and a Covenant frigate have been taken into a mysterious wormhole to find a curious planet... and the most unlikely creatures that live there. on hiatus and repairs.
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